Anchorage Building Services is a proud NDIS Registered Provider for Home Modifications, referred by Occupational Therapists completing Home Modifications under NDIS funding.

the NDIS Work WE DO

NDIS works include but not limited to:

Compliant building alterations for people with disabilities

In particular, bathrooms & kitchens

Wheelchair Access

Older Adult Requirements

NDIS – Home Modifications Explained

(Information taken directly from ndis.gov.au)

Home modifications are changes to the structure, layout or fittings of a participant’s home so they safely access it and move around comfortably in areas they frequently use.

Home modifications may be included in your plan if:

• Due to the impact of your disability, you or your carers cannot reasonably access and use frequently used rooms and spaces in your primary residence;

• Your primary residence, in its current condition, has significant and adverse impacts on the sustainability of current living and care arrangements; and

• A suitably qualified Occupational Therapist has performed an assessment and recommended home modifications, considering all possible alternatives, including the use of equipment.

As with any building work, there are laws and regulations that need to be adhered to when undertaking home modifications under the Scheme.

Further detail is available in the Operational Guidelines found on ndis.gov.au